Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Kabhi aye Haqeeqat-e-Muntazar - Iqbal poetry by Farid Ayaz

I'd like to thank all who were present in this beautiful mehfil for helping create an atmosphere where we were witness to such a wonderful recital. Farid bhai was lost in a world of his own..... This one is especially dedicated to Siddiq Akbar Khan my friend and fellow lover of Iqbal.

Farid Ayaz & Abu Muhammad Qawwal Ensemble

Kabhi aye Haqeeqat-e-muntazar, nazar aa libas-e-majaz mein
ke hazar sajde tarap rahe hain meri jabeen-e-niaz mein

For once, O awaited Reality, reveal Yourself in a form material,
For a thousand prostrations are quivering eagerly in my submissive brow  

Tu bacha bacha ke na rakh Issey, tera aaeena hai voh aaeena
ke shikast ho to aziz tar hai nigah-e-aaeena saaz mein
Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad @ Ghar ki Mehfil, Brossard, Quebec
Photo: Muslim Harji
Do not try to protect them, your mirror is the mirror
Which would be dearer in the Maker's eye if they broken are 

Na kaheen jahan mein amaan milli, jo amaan milli to kahan milli
mere jurm-e-khana kharab ko, tere afw-e-banda nawaz mein

My dark misdeeds found no refuge in the wide world—
The only refuge they found was in Your Gracious Forgiveness 

Na voh ishq mein raheen garmiyaan, na voh husn mein raheen shaukiyan
na voh ghaznavi mein tarrap rahi, na kham hai zulf-e-zyaz mein

Neither love has that warmth, nor beauty has that humour 
Neither that restlessness in Ghaznavi nor those curls in the hair locks of Ayaz are, 

Jo mein sar basajda huwa kabhi, to zameen se aane lagi sada
tera dil to hai sanam aashna, tujhe kya miley ga namaz mein

Even as I laid down my head in prostration a cry arose from the ground:
Your heart is in materialism, no rewards for your prayers are.

~ Muhammad Iqbal

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ishq Mein Tere Koh-e-Gham - عشق میں تیرے كوہ غم

Qawwali at Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto

عشق میں تیرے كوہ غم سر پہ لیا جو ہو سو ہو
عیش و نشاط زندگی چھوڑ دیا جو ھو سو ھو

لاگ كی آگ لگتے ھی بمبا نمد یہ جل گیا
رخت وجود و جان و تن كچھ نہ بچا جو ھو سو ھو

عقل كے مدرسے سے اٹھ، عشق كے مدرسے میں آ
جام فنا و بیخودی اب تو پیا جو ھو سو ھو

Hazrat Shah Niyaz (1742-1834).

Posted again after the comment from Asif Hasnain from Vienna.

"Just beautiful, both the kalaam and the rendition. Transports the listener. The power of love of music, of the creator, of life, of the eternal. Thank you for this wonderful post, which I came across just now. " Asif Hasnain.

There was a beautiful mood created that night which can be felt through this particular ghazal. Both the qawwals and the audience were in heaven and feeding off each other. The style (andaaz-e-bayan) takes me back to other recitals I heard during my childhood.
Qawwali Recital at The Noor Cultural Centre, Toronto - 2008
Kalam: Hazrat Shah Niyaz (1742-1834).

Ishq mein tere koh-e-gham sar pe liya jo ho so ho
aesh-o-nishaat-e-zindagi chhord diya jo ho so ho

Laag ki aag lagte hi, Bamba namad yeh jal gaya
Rakht-e-wojood-e-jaano tak kuchh na bacha jo ho so ho

Aql ke Madrase se uth, Ishq ke Maikade mein aa
Jaame Fanaa-o-Bekhudi ab to Piya jo ho so ho

Hijr ki jo museebatein, arz kiin uske rubaru
Naazo adaa se muskura, kehne lagaa jo ho so ho

Hasti ke is saraab mein, Raat ki Raat bas rahe
Subhe Adam Huaa Numoo, Paaon Uthaa jo ho so ho

Translation: Saqib Mumtaz

Mountains of agony, i bear in your love now, come what may.
The luxuries of life, i forsake now, come what may.

In the fervor of love, the threads of being seared,
the fabric of body, form, self; all charred now, come what may.

Rise from the seminary of reason, enter the tavern of love
From chalice of annihilation and selflessness, drink now, come what may.

The pangs of seperation, I bared before the beloved
With an airy smile said, "now, come what may."

In the mirage of this body, I seek the night only
And if Adam appears with the morning, I could raise the feet, come what may!

Thanks to Zahid Khan & Atique Azad and last but least the
Noor Cultural Centre

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Aise Dinan Barkha Rut Aayi - Noorul Hasan Qawwal

Aise dinnan barkha rut aayi
ghar na hi hamre shaam re

Paapi papihera jeeyara ka bayeri
laet piya tora naam re

Sab bhoole, aik tum na bhuliyo
tum se lagi mori aas re

Tumhi se raj suhaag hai mora
arey tum se bani mori baat re

Tumhra duar chor keet jaaoon
arey tum ho ghareeb nawaaj

Chahe banao chahe bigaaro maika
mori laaj tumhre haath re

Gaheli re nadeeya adam bohat hai
na mori gaathi ma daam re

Beygun ki nayya paar laga do
tumra Muhammad naam re

Ik tao suni tujhey tooti mandayya
tum bin kon chhavaae re

Abki ber nibha moala waris
laaj sharam tumhre haath re

Mujh per piya pardes sidhare
soona hai gokul gaaon re

Dukhiya jaan ke mujh birhan ko
jaldi milayyo Raam re


Translation: Saqib Mumtaz

The rain befalls on days
when my Shyam isn't home

The bewitched birds, my nemesis
go on singing your name

Even if the world overlooks me, you, one shouldn't
my desires are tied with you

You are my valor and honor
You are one who fashions me

Leaving your door, where would I go
You are the caregiver of us poor

Make me yours or let me go
my repute is in your hands

This deep river is very hard/intricate
and my knot is empty

Help Cross the boat of inapt me
you are named Muhammad

This time fulfill O caregiver
my diginity devotion is with you

My beloved has gone away
and my Gokul is empty without him

Consider me a destitute
and make me meet Raam

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mirza Ghalib & Hz Shah Niaz come together

Hazrat Shah Niyaz and Mirza Ghalib are brought together here with a bang.

Farid Ayaz masterfully weaves the verses of one poet with another here in this pensive and emotion filled rendition of Ishq Mein Tere Koh-e-Gham - عشق میں تیرے كوہ غم. The preamble is Ghalib's "Aah ko Chahiye ek Umr Asar Hone Tak".

The classical style of taankari and sargam is so beautiful and touches the soul. No doubt the enthusiasm of the live audience is enhancing the whole experience as the singers feed off their reactions. Love it when Farid goes "hai" at 8.11 (shareek e gham) feeling Ghalib's melancholy and pain.

Poet: Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib

Aah ko chahiye ek umr asar hone tak
Kaun jiitaa hai teri zulf ke sar hone tak

The sighs of love take a lifetime to realize
Who may live that long to see its effect on you?

Aashiqi sabr talab aur tamanna betaab
Dil ka kya rang karoon khoon-e-jigar hone tak

Love demands patience and yearning restless
How do I placate my heart till my destruction?

Humne maana ke tagaaful na karoge lekin
Khaak ho jayenge hum, tumko khabar hone tak

Though I believe you may not ignore me, but
I will turn into ashes by the time you understand my plight

Gham-e-hasti ka asad kis se ho juz marg ilaaz
Shamma har rang mein jalti hai sahar hone tak

O Asad!, There is no remedy for the anguish of living save death
The candle has to burn till morning no matter what


Poet: Hazrat Shah Niyaz Ahmed (R.A.)(1742 - 1834)

Ishq mein tere kohe gham, sar pe liya jo ho so ho
Aish'o nishaat'e zindagi, chhord diya jo ho so ho

Mujh se mareez ko tabiib, haath too apna mat lagaa
Isko khuda pe chord de, bahr'e khuda jo ho so ho

Aql ke madrasee se uthh, ishq ke maikade mein aa
Jaam'e fanaa'o bekhudi, ab to piya jo ho so ho

Laag ki aag lagte hi panba namad ye jal gaya
Rakhte vujood-e-jaan-otan kuchh na bacha jo ho so ho

Hijr ki jo museebatein, arz kiin uske rubaru
Naaz'o adaa se muskura, kehne lagaa jo ho so ho

Hasti ke is saraab mein, raat ki raat bas rahe
Subh'e adam huaa numoo, paaon uthha jo ho so ho

Duniya ke nek'o bad se kaam, humko niyaz kuch nahin
Aap se jo guzar gaya, ussey kia jo ho so ho
Thanks to Junaid Zuberi for sharing this fabulous rendition.