Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jhoola Kinne Dala Re - Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan

As my infatuation with the Rampur Sahaswan Gharana continues I often discover little gems on
the internet that give me immense listening pleasure. Both the soft and sensitive manner of
recital as well as the words of the old and rarely heard bandishein take me back to a different
life and an old world charm that can only be imagined now. 

On the request of two new friends (Tayyab Rahil and Javeria A Khan) here is a small
compilation of Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan. A hot fav :-) , who has also sung an
amazing Soz and Salaam recently with his grandson and nephews on Coke India.

Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan
Rampur-Sahaswan Gharana

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ni Main Hunay Suneya - Kāfis Bulleh Shah

Trans: Faqir Mohd., Kulliyat

O friends, it is now that I learn, how love and law are related

By drinking a cup of love, all things are forgotten
In every house abides the Lord, I find Him pervaiding one and all
Within us abides our Murshid
When I fell in love I learnt this
My logic, my grammar, my polemics
all my knowledge proved futile

With prayers, with fasts. what has he to do
The one intoxicated with the wine of love
The eruditions of Pandits, 
The scholarships of Mullahs proved futile
None of them get at the secret

Little does he know the worth of the silks
The one who spins only coarse cloth
Sitting in the presence of the Beloved
Bullah has become mute and dumb

O friends, it is now that I learn, how love and law are related

نی میں ہن سنیا عشقَ شرع کی ناطہ ۔

محبت دا اک پیالہ پی، بھلّ جاون سبھ باتاں،

گھر گھر سائیں ہے اوہ سائیں، ہر ہر نال پچھاتا ۔

اندر ساڈے مرشد وسدا، نیہں لگا تاں جاتا،

منتک معنے کنز قدوری، پڑھیا علم گواتا ۔

نماز روزہ اوس کی کرنا، جس مدھ پیتی مدھماتا،

پڑھ پڑھ پنڈت ملاں ہارے، کسے نہ بھید پچھاتا ۔

ضری بافدی قدر کی جانے، چھٹّ اوناں جت کاتا،
بلھا شہہ دی مجلس بہہ کے، ہو گیا گونگا باتا ۔

نی میں ہن سنیا عشقَ شرع کی ناطہ ۔

Ni main hone suneya isheqَ shera ki natha ۔

muhabat da ik piyaala pii, bhul jawen sebh baatan,
ghar ghar sayean hey woh sayean, her her nal pechhata 

andar sadey murshed vesda, nahen lega tan jata,
mentek m'eney kenz qedwera, perhaa 'elem gewata 

nemaz rozeh awes ki kerna, jes medh piti med hemata,
perh perh pandit mullah harey, kes ne bhed pechhata 

deri bafedi qedr ki janey, chhet awenan jet kata,
Bulla Shah d majles bei key, ho gaya gunga bata 

na man hen suneya ishqَ shera ki nath 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sahib Hai Rungrez - Kabir

(Credit: YouTube user SaqibTahir)


Sahib Hai Rungrej , Chunri Mori Rung Daari
The Master is the King of Colours, He has colored my veil  

Syaahi Rang Churaye ke re , Diyo Majitha Rung
Removing the dark stains, he gave that color of love

Dhoye Se Chhute Nahin Re , Din Din Hote Surung 
By washing which fades not but becomes brighter by the day 

Bhav Ke Kundi Neh Ke Jal Mein , Prem Rung Dayee Bore
Using water of affection in the tub of feelings, He poured the color of love 

Dukh Deh Mael Lutaye De Re , Khoob Rungi JhakJhore
Rinsing away the bodily sorrows and dirt, the Expert dyed it deftly 
Sahib Ne Chunri Rungi Re , Peetam Chatur Sujaan
The Master who dyed the veil is expert, beloved and great 
Sab Kutch Un Par Vaar Dun Re , Tan Man Dhan Aur Pran
I surrender everything to Him – Body, Mind, Wealth and Life
Kahain Kabir Rungrej Piyare , Mujh Par Huye Dayal
Says Kabir, The Beloved Dyer is benevolent on me
Seetal Chunri Orhike Re , Bhayee Haun Magan Nihaal  
Covered with this cool veil, My being is blissfully fulfilled. 

(Translation: Songs of Kabir)